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[Error: unknown template qotd]Affable. Or at least, I try to be.
Boredom. I'm bored a lot. I might bore other people with my boringness, too, but I dunno for sure. All about the boredom here.
Curious. Probably too much. I bother people about things they might not want to tell me about, and/or go looking myself.
Emotional? Maybe a little. I'm not very emotional publicly, though, so...
Fortunate for a lot of things.
Good-humored. I don't like having people throw around nastier jokes that make fun of others. :(  Also I'd say good-for-nothing, but that would make this a depressing journal.
Honest to a fault. Unless it's some random person bothering me about what shows I watch.
Imaginaaaation or at least until a certain point in time
Jealous... sometimes.
Karma. I'm sort of into that kind of thing. I guess.
Lazy. Very lazy! It's really annoying and I'd love to not be so dang lazy.
Male. ... I dunno.
Not very good at arguing. ... Not that it's a word. I'm getting uncreative here.
Optimistic about other people's motivations. Well, not recently for some reason. I'll get back to that starting NOW
Perfectionist. I take way way way way too long trying to make sure what I say is just right. Why, it's taken me several hours to get to P. AMAZING, HUH?
Quiet... and I also mean my voice is not made for talking loud and clear.
Relaxed, most of the time.
Steadfast/Loyal. I chose lazy for L so I had to go with steadfast. I won't betray anyoooone
Tra... ains. You didn't see anything. Gotta love those trains.
Unmotivated. This is like putting down lazy twice, but I MEAN IT
Virgo, because... that's what I am.
Writing. I write. I get lazy, though, and then I start disliking it. Grr, self.
Yawn. I get 7 hours of sleep between school days.

... What?

Okay, so... there you go. Ducktales. Woohoo.

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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm going to be watching a Looney Tunes marathon today, until it ends at whatever time. It's great so far. I've a new idea for a character now, too. o:

Anyway, I made a resolution this year to draw once a day or so, in order to (hopefully) get better. And just because I decided just now, I'll also make a resolution to attempt meeting more people. Um... my last resolution was to say zvarri more, which I did, so hooray.  I dunno if I already said that in the last journal. Atmey might be proud of me, but I don't think I used it like he would which would be when he's excited. Oh well.

I've drawn something a few hours ago just to get today's out of the way. It was a black cat whose eyes you couldn't see because I didn't know what kind of eyes I should've made. I dunno, it looks nice to me. Except the perspective. But I don't even know perspective well enough to figure how badly I did it.

Type, type, type... I drew a black cat because that was the character I was thinking of. He'd probably do CRAAAAAAAZY things like in the old cartoons that I'm watching today. And his name is Mel. TWO REASONS:
1. Mel Blanc, who voiced a lot of main Looney Tunes characters
2. MELCAT uh yeah I just like melcat's name for some reason. I don't think most people would get that reference, though.


you are dead meat HI I'M FLINT

I ran out of avatars noo

according to the earthbound zodiac, I'm bubble monkey

I should get into the writing mood sometime

I need to renew that book again because I haven't read it all the way through lawl

I'm going to make more tags now

I also should make a Mother 3 emotion thing unless SOMEONE ALREADY DID

Hello, and... goodbye!

dun dun dun )
Also, merry Christmas Eve to you ... people. I should be sleeping like Giovanni up there, with his little bed with Pokemon on it, but eh.


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