Nov. 22nd, 2008 06:22 pm
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I got a book out of the library yesterday. Howl's Moving Castle, it was.

I've mixed feelings about it, but for the most part I like it. Sophie's kind of weird for a main character, especially after she's turned into an OLD LADY when she just basically doesn't care about possibly dying. Don't know how I feel about that.

The demon guy whose name I forgot is funny. I expected him to be wise and, I dunno, mean. But he's saying things like "She bullied me!" instead. Turned my expectations around.

And then Michael. He's a pretty cool guy. It's almost ridiculous how passive he is, though. I find it funny that the book doesn't really explain what he says sometimes, just that he's complaining and/or protesting what Sophie does.

Howl's pretty great, too. He doesn't seem to care much about anything, besides his own privacy. That is to say, you can stay in his castle for months on end, and he might not even notice you were there. But his room is off-limits. Yep. Cool name, too, I guess. I haven't heard any character named Howl before, so yeah.

ANYWAYS in other news, I submitted some of my SSBB pictures to At first, I thought I'd be all awesome for having these super pictures submitted, but then I saw that a lot of people had a lot of pictures. Oh well. I should really start drawing more Earthbound/Mother 3 things so I'm actually on there for something other than that. We'll see.

Chibi, you should write more. You don't anymore. :(

I feel like saying something to Blu but I can't think of anything and I don't think she reads these anyway oh well

that's all folks


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