Nov. 17th, 2008 06:14 pm
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About quitting NaNoWriMo...

I dunno, I'm starting to rethink it. I mean, I most likely won't finish with 50k, but why should that stop me from finishing my story? It'd be stupid to treat it like an all-or-nothing deal, because it isn't. I'm writing stuff down in a notebook I have in school. Yep. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT

somehow a fly got under my shirt today and I think I might have fly stuff where I grabbed at it


anyway, stealing this from another forum; watch if you like psychological-type things like I do

that is all
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Seriously, I liked that show.

Anywho, I have a tendency to go off on a tangent in the middle of writing a journal so it ends up not being related much to the title, so I'll just do that now.

This is something I desperately made yesterday to get word count (which only added about 300 words which made me MAD):

Beware for this is intentionally overly descriptive )

I finished As Good as it Gets today in health class, which was pretty cool. But what was cooler was watching a video about how realistic Batman's technology was in comparison to the technology at the time, and the technology right now. It was loads of awesome.

Um. Yeah. I still didn't finish today's portion of Yoki Yoki, and I don't think I'll be able to finish NaNoWriMo with 50,000 words. Everything I try ends up with very little progress, and it kind of brings me down. I can't write more than 1,000 words without getting bored or wanting to stop, so 1,667 isn't really possible for me, unless I just had the plot laid out in front of me. Which I don't.

And I feel so bored of writing it that I'd rather write 50,000 words of pairings for a month.


Nov. 5th, 2008 09:55 pm
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OBAMA IS NOW THE PRESIDENT ELECT (And apparently my area usually voted for Republicans but didn't this time)

MY YOKI YOKI STORY IS GOING WELL (On chapter three right now)




School is always boring, though. Wait I just remembered something that also deserves a HOORAY.



Yeah. During 5th hour we went walking on the track field and I was thinking about Lanter for most of the time. Now I'm pretty sure I've got him all figured out. Not sure if that'll help with making him awesome to anyone, but hey.

I wonder if anyone made a Youtube video about Obama having Bob the Builder's support. ... What? You know, "Yes we can"? Oh, whatever.
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I barely made the minimum amount of words needed for NaNoWriMo today. I feel blahh. I'm thinking weekends are when I put 1000 or so words in a surplus, and during the weekdays I won't have to write as much. But I don't know.

I tried drawing Snoozer (from Hamtaro) today, and I realized something. I can't really ever decide between going with my own style and copying someone else's, and the end result looks less than desirable for me. I like the way things look too much and it causes this problem unless I learn how to draw something well and it basically is my style. Not that I even know what my style is.

I may need to get myself some guidance on that. Anyway.

I found this awesome icon on this one forum and I want to use it but aaaa it probably came from this place
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I've already gotten almost 3,000 words, but it's only the first day and yeah.

I like how it's going, generally, but I know I'll have some fixing to do if I want it to be presentable. Yoki Yoki's pretty easy to write due to all the characters, so it shouldn't be too bad this month. I get plenty of free time.

... In other news, I'm thinking of making an announcement to Yoki members about why their characters SUCK may need some work. And how they shouldn't depend on Chibi for everything. It's sort of annoying, and it only hinders activity.

Hey... I just noticed. In every RP, there is usually someone that's in charge of EVERYTHING and that's about it. The only time that didn't happen was TBRPE, but that had no story, either. It was like SEINFIELD *Shot*

But yeah. RPC and the YB had that too. Someone in charge of everything. This is probably why there are still people around that suck at RPing. They think that their characters don't have to talk to anyone except for the important people, and that they should only do things by what THEY think instead of what their CHARACTERS think. Kind of annoying.

Suddenly I'm in a ranting mood. FDSAFDAS

Also I'm probably only ever going to use pensive and thoughtful when I'm doing journal postings. That's all I'm ever like what I'm doing this.


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