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Yes, my friends, it's that time of year. Devon's birthday is todaaay! She's now 17. JUST LIKE I WAS but my birthday was on September 15th. I'm 18 now. NOW I'M LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THAT I'VE DONE YAAAY

Recent news... My friend [ profile] trikey was so extremely nice that he bought me an imported Pokemon Black, which I've been playing the last 4 days. It's really, really great and fun. It may be my new favorite game. I need to warm up to all the Pokemon a bit more, though. It seems that the story's a lot more involved than before. I'll really enjoy that when it comes out in English and I can understand more of what's going on. (I do know my hiragana and katakana almost perfectly, but I get confused on words and conjugations I don't know. Also kanji. Stupid kanji, I hate you.)

I'll probably keep futachimaru from evolving, mostly because I just love futachimaru and evolving is a one-way thing. No offense to the final mijumaru evolution. Hopefully he can stay pretty awesome as he is.

OKAY SO I also completed Ace Attorney: Investigations a little while before receiving Black. Really fun game, I'm glad I was able to play it. Plot twists were twisty. I wanted to punch people in the face for BLATANTLY lying. Same old stuff. I recommend it to, um, everyone. Yep.

What else is going on? Well... I've played Sid Meier's Civilization V a lot lately, too. It's very different! But I think it's done really well. There are a few bugs... but overall, a job well done. Heh, hopefully Civfanatics will have more information and strategies soon, I like reading them and learning more. Yes, it's a game, but man, it's so fun to add strategy and tactics and plans to your game.

I think that's about it for now. Oh, and Devon's going to Disneyland in less than a week. Hope you have fun, darling!
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Or to get some sleep...

Anyway, uh... I still don't know what to put here, and it's been at least an hour with thinking, so I'll just ROLL WITH IT here

Well um. I've been playing Civilization III with my good pal [ profile] trikey and SPARKS ARE FLYING as the Aztecs and Iroqouis are at war with the two of us. It is not going well for them. Tank rushes are, surprisingly, very effective against cities guarded by men with spears. Or... anything else for that matter. YAAAY TANKS [patton]

In other news... and this is a great one
I'm going to Disneyland with Devon next year!

IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING. And I'll cry because I'm afraid of rollercoasters but I haven't actually been on more than one so yeah. But wooo yeaaah it's gonna be great with my lover <3

Unfortunately, no Devon for Christmastime. But I'm gonna Spheal with it.

Let's see, what else? I've been kind of... neglecting Poketwitter because of my horrible... horrible, horrible addiction to playing Civ 3. I may take a longer break sometime soon. I left a message for someone on there about being sorry for not being active lately, but I guess they didn't know what to say, heh. ...Or maybe they didn't want to say anything? I dunno. It's okay, though, she's nice.

I have been on an art spree lately, as evidenced by my activity on deviantArt again. I fear, however, that this may not last, dear friends. (Read: too lazy to keep it up) But I have to say, very honestly, that I think I've really outdone myself with the last few submissions... yeah, yeah, I'm not better than a lot of people, but honestly, if I can be really fond of my own work... I'm very happy.

Now do I friendlock this or what? Uhh... eh, whatever, it's on and off. Strangers can read about my life OH GOD
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Oh no, I am updating my livejournal. THE END IS NIGH

I'm really tired today. 6 hours of sleep or so, just like old times! Maybe I'll take a nap later, I dunno.

Last night and this morning, I worked on this update for my LJ profile with PMD sprites for everyone. Woooo. I love the colors. ... I couldn't think of Pokemon for some people, sorry. And I added people that haven't actually added me yet, but I do know them! Honest. For sure.

I don't talk about Devon enough! We're doing wonderfully, and we still love each other tons. I can't wait to see her again, so I can hug her and stuff. And probably play F-Zero pretending to be Professor Layton and Luke again. TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. But yes, she's great, and we're gonna make a dating game sometime! It's gonna be really fun, I think! Alsooo, she has school again, but we're still able to talk everyday, so that's great. I don't like when school stresses her out, but she can take on the work because she's smart. tl;dr DEVON IS THE BEST GIRLFRIEND and I love her, even if she's convinced I love pikabutts.

Poketwitter is fun, but lately certain people are talking OOC too much and being derpy, which makes it not as fun. Maybe I'm just grumpy, but "ARE YOU DUMB OR JUST AMERICAN?" really annoys me. I'm not extremely patriotic, but I STILL AM OFFENDED by being grouped with dumb people that every country has.

OKAY ANYWAY I was invited to the IRC of Poketwitter a few weeks ago now, and I feel comfortable enough there as pudgy fish. [ profile] trikey is there and he always helps me if I'm feeling paranoid, and seeing some people greeting me that didn't before makes me happy. The only problem is no problems at all that I keep forgetting to come on. I really, really appreciate the hellos and goodbyes from everyone, though, so that makes me sad.

A while ago, me and [ profile] knuddeluff became BROMALDOS and it was really awesome. I want to play PMD Sky more because it's the best game on the DS for me. WOOOO

Right, well, さよăȘら I guess. ...What? I like the transliterator firefox add-on. I do really need to try lang-8 blogging, though, sometime. It'd be wonderful if I did. Please do that, self.


Aug. 11th, 2010 04:58 pm
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I forgot to finish the journals again.

I think that confirms me being crap.

Anyway... Been in a twitter RP for a week or so now. I have almost 2000 tweets already. (1909 atm) In the process I've made a couple new friends, and I was invited to the IRC channel by two people and was told that a lot of people really liked me and I was popular.

It's a really nice experience to have, and it seems that it was around the same time last year that I was sorta invited to JJHF. I like meeting new people and knowing that I'm well-liked. I like having fun with other people, too.

I'd been wanting to join poketwitter for almost a year, actually. I only just recently took it upon myself to actually try it, and it seems to have gone well! So that made me happy. What made me the happiest was that I really felt welcomed due to pretty much everyone being friendly as if I'd been there for a while. I was afraid of being annoying... more than a few times, but I was reassured by one of my closer friends there. Actually two. But yeah.

I have another blog that I want to use eventually. Just a blog of things happening in a positive light. But you know me, I'll have trouble updating daily.

As Devon likes to say... Have a nice day!
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Not having Devon to talk to is boriiiiing

Seriously, I'm gonna go crazy with no Dawn of War to play. CRAAAZY

I am unsure what to do.
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I don't like myself sometimes.

I also am not good at spriting sideways things.

Or being interesting today.

This Earthbound hack I'm making is showing signs of... being dumb. Fun times.

Also also, what the heck is with Tiger Woods? He has like 12+ girlfriends. What.
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Well, today, there was a barbeque for the students who had this teacher. I was one of the students, so I planned to have my lunch there, outside. And yes, it went perfectly well, and I saw a few friends there. (I heard the teacher and this kid I know saying that I was a nice guy, so haha, that was cool)

However! I totally forgot two things: I had forgotten my notebook in his class. Not only a notebook, but the one I had been using for drawing/doodling in class, for writing down ideas and stories, and for... no wait that was it. I was going to get it from his class, but I spaced out during the last hour of the day, which was the only time I COULD have gotten it. The hour after I was supposed to be there, he went down to the courtyard to start cooking. So he locked his door and stuff. Boo.

Chances are, I will never see that notebook again, either by student or by janitor, if you catch my drift.

The other thing I forgot to do was ask him where he got his shirt. Why? Well, you see, his shirt had the Sun Devils' icon on it. The team for Arizona State University. One, we're in Michigan, two, I don't THINK he went there, and three, I wanted to go there. This, obviously, was a very interesting thing to me. Forgot to ask, though. I was too busy enjoying the hamburger and hot dog that I got. He's a great cook. Also, his son was there. Cool son, too.

Other than that, not a lot special... except my special someone being there to greet me when I got home~ And we talked later. She's not here right now, but yeah, [ profile] nanabound is great. I really hope I haven't said anything bad or weird or... bad.

Okay, that's all for now. Haven't updated this for three weeks, oops. Livejournal is a cool place, I just... can't get super into it. I wonder if RPs are any good here...

EDIT: Actually, I haven't had an update with actual substance since the end of March. HOW SAD

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So I got yelled at twice today. Once from my dad for... being sleepy? And then another from my teacher (to a particular group I was in) because we have done nothing. I didn't feel very good at all, you know; he was my favorite teacher this year, and he was giving us a long lecture on how we shouldn't even bother coming in on the other days. ): The worst thing is that he's right, and I haven't really taken responsibility and went to do stuff by myself. Oh well. I guess I'm not going anywhere with that. Maybe I shouldn't even turn in the permission slip.

Oh yeah, but I got Guitar Hero: World Tour, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and Elite Beat Agents in the recent times. Also, I procured a copy of Watership Down from my local library. Greaaat book. More later. Tired. Ugga.
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My friend was over, and up until yesterday or so he's had the flu. He said he was feeling fine today, but aaaaa I don't want to get the fluuuu. I haven't gotten a flu shot in years. I don't want to have a fever and throw up and miss school. :( I'm running out of sick daaays.

... Well, anyway, I seem to be getting better at drawing. ... Sort of! Maybe I've just been drawing easy stuff, I dunno. Looks good to me, though~

Speaking of which (i.e. not related to this at all), I should do a meme or something sometime. I haven't done any in forever. If I can't get a music meme to really work out right, then I guess I can redo a character meme or something... Wait no, there are those "about me" kind of deals. Hmm. I dunno. I need help deciding.

I don't really have any sad icons. Does that make me happy, or unprepared?

EDIT: oh god is my throat getting dry and am I getting a headache


Feb. 11th, 2009 07:13 am
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My throat's been a bit sore for the past two days, so I think it's safe to say I caught a cold or something. Oh well.

Umm... I guess I'll be going to Arizona after leaving high school. Hopefully the college I want to go to lets me go there. :<

What else... some stuff happened on Monday and it's pretty awesome. Yep.

I think a Michigan representative becomes the longest serving one in history today. John Dingell, I think?


that's the grade I'm gonna get for being so forgetful >(

WHAT ELSE? Uh, I've been listening to Daft Punk's "Something About Us" for a while. Nice song, indeed.

tiem for school

(also hi chibi)
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Since yesterday, I've been taking exams for school. Midterms, if you will. They've been very easy so far, so that's cool.

Lessee, yesterday... English and Chemistry. English was just reading comprehension (FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE, NO ESSAY), so I'm sure I did excellently on that. Chemistry was quite easy, too. I probably aced those just like Luke Atmey would, being an ace detective.

Today, it was Economics and Health.

My econ teacher is probably one of the very greatest teachers ever. He never ceases to amuse me, really. I mean, some of the multiple choice exam answers were like, "all of 'em dude!!!" or "[consumers are] our arch rivals" or "none of them, man!!" And he's hilarious in class. Ahaha, so hilarious.

I'm pretty sure everyone in that class likes him. He even said that our class would not be forgotten by him, ever. :o

So anyway, then there was Health class. I actually thought the teacher, seeing as that's how he rolls, would just give us some test from the book. But no, he made us write 10 questions for each chapter so as to make a "test". I didn't even finish. I barely finished chapter 5 in time, and I even cut down the answers to just A, B, and C. YOU CAUGHT ME OFFGUARD, SIR

That's pretty much it. Tomorrow are the two hardest exams: Advanced Algebra and um... technically Computers. Algebra is going to eat me alive, I swear.

so before I go I'll leave this beautiful story for future reference:

ivan was in his room, doing des guise related thigns. "beep!" he yeled at his archrival. he didnt relaise he was censered. lolol

"sir!!!" iam yled at the top of lung. "i have romantik flowers for u!!!"

"awwwwwww..........." ivan sighed carfully. "lets make out" "ok" said iam and they mad out for hours until the mailman came. "what is going on here oh god!!!!!!!!"" the mailman run away screaming

the end
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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm going to be watching a Looney Tunes marathon today, until it ends at whatever time. It's great so far. I've a new idea for a character now, too. o:

Anyway, I made a resolution this year to draw once a day or so, in order to (hopefully) get better. And just because I decided just now, I'll also make a resolution to attempt meeting more people. Um... my last resolution was to say zvarri more, which I did, so hooray.  I dunno if I already said that in the last journal. Atmey might be proud of me, but I don't think I used it like he would which would be when he's excited. Oh well.

I've drawn something a few hours ago just to get today's out of the way. It was a black cat whose eyes you couldn't see because I didn't know what kind of eyes I should've made. I dunno, it looks nice to me. Except the perspective. But I don't even know perspective well enough to figure how badly I did it.

Type, type, type... I drew a black cat because that was the character I was thinking of. He'd probably do CRAAAAAAAZY things like in the old cartoons that I'm watching today. And his name is Mel. TWO REASONS:
1. Mel Blanc, who voiced a lot of main Looney Tunes characters
2. MELCAT uh yeah I just like melcat's name for some reason. I don't think most people would get that reference, though.


you are dead meat HI I'M FLINT

I ran out of avatars noo

according to the earthbound zodiac, I'm bubble monkey

I should get into the writing mood sometime

I need to renew that book again because I haven't read it all the way through lawl

I'm going to make more tags now

I also should make a Mother 3 emotion thing unless SOMEONE ALREADY DID

Hello, and... goodbye!


Dec. 17th, 2008 07:07 am
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Sorry about that. Everyone has their bad days, right? It just goes along with being able to be happier... you have capably worse down days.

So, about the avatar/icon/whatever, then. I've finally beaten Okami, although I made this two days ago after I picked it up for the first time in months.

I like this game so much that I'm going to be playing the new game plus file since I can demolish everyone quite easily. :o ... But I dunno if I'd be able to get those other Karmic Transformers. That's half of the reason for me going through the whole game again. D:

Also... I really need to: ask someone to print out my next Japanese unit packet, ask my parents (or someone, at least) to get Pokemon Ranger 2 for Christmas, also ask them if we can make COOKIES because last year was completely terrible and there was no family love, finish up the next part of Pokebound to send in to BK and/or Super so they can help me revise it, feel like writing things in my handy dandy creativity notebook, AAANND practice drawing things in real life. I like how I draw already, but I could use some practice. For serious.

Now I need to go to school. OH CRAP I FORGOT TO DO ALL OF THIS WORK


Edit later:

R.I.P. Maddie Blaustein

Meeeowth, that's... right. D:


Oct. 31st, 2008 01:07 pm
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I randomly remembered Hamtaro existed a few days ago.

It was out of nowhere, too. Just BAM right in the middle of English class. For the rest of that day, I was trying to remember the intro to it. I recall watching it on Toonami or something occasionally, and even though I liked it, I had some serious under-appreciation of it. I only bought one GBC game, and I hardly had anything done on that. To make up for it, I've been playing it to see what I missed, which would be about 50 words and most of the characters. Hmm.


NaNoWriMo is tomorrow, and the RP I'm basing it on is slowly dying (yet again). I sincerely hope that it doesn't affect how much I want to finish the story on it. That would suck x4.
  • First, the best RP I've been in for a long time would be dying.
  • I would have zero motivation to continue the story, and would therefore not win NaNoWriMo with an enjoyable story.
  • The other people that I know are doing this will be WAAAY ahead of me.
  • No Yoki Yoki story.
So yeah.

Also, I got an Ultimate Chimera shirt in the mail the other day. It says "EMERGENCY!!" on it and the white turns yellow in the sun. How cool is that. (Not that I've been playing Mother 3 lately at all)

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Live that is.

I think I'm going too fast. It's almost 10 hours in, and I'm somewhat far in chapter 5.


(It's going to be hard to make up today's work tomorrow aaaa)
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In an unrelated story, HERE'S HOW MY WEEK WENT DOWN:

Monday was okay.

Tuesday there was a power outage and we were only three minutes away from getting out of school and that made me upset. But okay.

Wednesday was okay.

Thursday was when the annoying people at my table moved and for five minutes I was alone. Then some guys I know came over. I was kind of hoping to get my Japanese work done, but at least they're funny.

Friday, today, was cool. First hour, a former teacher I knew (now a counselor) patted me on the back when he went to leave. Cool because he still remembers me from last year. Second hour is always cool. Third hour, we played games for some reason and I was in a group called the A-Team (or at least named after the A-Team). The others were Pen15 (the teacher didn't notice this), Jesus' Fav. 5, Schmieddleviksens or something, and #5. We ended up with a tie with the Sch.. whatevers and #5, and we all got some food. Fourth hour, we watched this interesting series of videos about cold temperature science. The series was called Absolute Zero. Fifth hour was boring and I felt like I was wasting a precious hour on nothing. Sixth hour didn't exist, although I think I got an unexcused absence from not going there for attendance. Oops.

And I had a polka song stuck in my head all day.
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Last year, 10th grade, was sort of not talked about to anybody, so I thought I should state it for the record. Maybe I'll just put my high school schedules so far. Yeah why not.

9TH GRADE ('twas okay) :

1- Fundamental Jazz Band (woo? kind of small)
2- Algebra (blargle; although the teacher taught me well)
3- Physical Science (class was terrible, but teacher was good)
4- World History (cool teacher, but stupid huge books)
5- 9th grade Language Arts (cool books and teacher)
6- First year Japanese (very yay)


1- Biology (had two teachers that were equally nice and awesome)
2- Jazz Band (humor as far as the eye can see)
3- 10th grade English (learned so much from the teacher it's unbelievable)
4- Geometry (sooo easy)
5- American History (I'll never forget this teacher or his class, EVER)
6- Second year Japanese (BEST CLASS EVER)


1- 11th grade... blah (s'okay)
2- Economics/Civics (the teacher is funny when he's talking to the class)
3- Algebra 2 (RAGE)
4- Chemistry (this class makes me feel smart; also the second only funny class)
5- Health (olol this class)
6- Beginning MOUS, aka Computer typey stuff (still hate you for replacing third year japanese, guys)

As you can see 10th grade was my favorite. Familiar and new faces, both of which were the cool people. But this year has more rather boring teachers. Bleh.

For the past 3-4 weeks I've been doing sort of independent study for third year. Still would at least like to have the teacher, though. I wouldn't be so thoroughly bored of school.
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oh and today is someone's birthday

you know who you are


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