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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm going to be watching a Looney Tunes marathon today, until it ends at whatever time. It's great so far. I've a new idea for a character now, too. o:

Anyway, I made a resolution this year to draw once a day or so, in order to (hopefully) get better. And just because I decided just now, I'll also make a resolution to attempt meeting more people. Um... my last resolution was to say zvarri more, which I did, so hooray.  I dunno if I already said that in the last journal. Atmey might be proud of me, but I don't think I used it like he would which would be when he's excited. Oh well.

I've drawn something a few hours ago just to get today's out of the way. It was a black cat whose eyes you couldn't see because I didn't know what kind of eyes I should've made. I dunno, it looks nice to me. Except the perspective. But I don't even know perspective well enough to figure how badly I did it.

Type, type, type... I drew a black cat because that was the character I was thinking of. He'd probably do CRAAAAAAAZY things like in the old cartoons that I'm watching today. And his name is Mel. TWO REASONS:
1. Mel Blanc, who voiced a lot of main Looney Tunes characters
2. MELCAT uh yeah I just like melcat's name for some reason. I don't think most people would get that reference, though.


you are dead meat HI I'M FLINT

I ran out of avatars noo

according to the earthbound zodiac, I'm bubble monkey

I should get into the writing mood sometime

I need to renew that book again because I haven't read it all the way through lawl

I'm going to make more tags now

I also should make a Mother 3 emotion thing unless SOMEONE ALREADY DID

Hello, and... goodbye!


Nov. 5th, 2008 09:55 pm
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OBAMA IS NOW THE PRESIDENT ELECT (And apparently my area usually voted for Republicans but didn't this time)

MY YOKI YOKI STORY IS GOING WELL (On chapter three right now)




School is always boring, though. Wait I just remembered something that also deserves a HOORAY.



Yeah. During 5th hour we went walking on the track field and I was thinking about Lanter for most of the time. Now I'm pretty sure I've got him all figured out. Not sure if that'll help with making him awesome to anyone, but hey.

I wonder if anyone made a Youtube video about Obama having Bob the Builder's support. ... What? You know, "Yes we can"? Oh, whatever.


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