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Or to get some sleep...

Anyway, uh... I still don't know what to put here, and it's been at least an hour with thinking, so I'll just ROLL WITH IT here

Well um. I've been playing Civilization III with my good pal [ profile] trikey and SPARKS ARE FLYING as the Aztecs and Iroqouis are at war with the two of us. It is not going well for them. Tank rushes are, surprisingly, very effective against cities guarded by men with spears. Or... anything else for that matter. YAAAY TANKS [patton]

In other news... and this is a great one
I'm going to Disneyland with Devon next year!

IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING. And I'll cry because I'm afraid of rollercoasters but I haven't actually been on more than one so yeah. But wooo yeaaah it's gonna be great with my lover <3

Unfortunately, no Devon for Christmastime. But I'm gonna Spheal with it.

Let's see, what else? I've been kind of... neglecting Poketwitter because of my horrible... horrible, horrible addiction to playing Civ 3. I may take a longer break sometime soon. I left a message for someone on there about being sorry for not being active lately, but I guess they didn't know what to say, heh. ...Or maybe they didn't want to say anything? I dunno. It's okay, though, she's nice.

I have been on an art spree lately, as evidenced by my activity on deviantArt again. I fear, however, that this may not last, dear friends. (Read: too lazy to keep it up) But I have to say, very honestly, that I think I've really outdone myself with the last few submissions... yeah, yeah, I'm not better than a lot of people, but honestly, if I can be really fond of my own work... I'm very happy.

Now do I friendlock this or what? Uhh... eh, whatever, it's on and off. Strangers can read about my life OH GOD
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(too bad I always get frustrated with it at some poiiiint but I'll work on that)

Oh, and school is ending this Thursday for me. Hooray!

And the every day after today is a half-day!

Max Payne 2 is harder than a butt, but that's okay!

*mad beats*

Okay I'm done. Power Godot will be over here being better than Edward.Just in case someone doesn't like images appearing on their friends page )
Okay I'm done for reals. See you next tiiiiime
(EDIT: confounded layout!1.)
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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm going to be watching a Looney Tunes marathon today, until it ends at whatever time. It's great so far. I've a new idea for a character now, too. o:

Anyway, I made a resolution this year to draw once a day or so, in order to (hopefully) get better. And just because I decided just now, I'll also make a resolution to attempt meeting more people. Um... my last resolution was to say zvarri more, which I did, so hooray.  I dunno if I already said that in the last journal. Atmey might be proud of me, but I don't think I used it like he would which would be when he's excited. Oh well.

I've drawn something a few hours ago just to get today's out of the way. It was a black cat whose eyes you couldn't see because I didn't know what kind of eyes I should've made. I dunno, it looks nice to me. Except the perspective. But I don't even know perspective well enough to figure how badly I did it.

Type, type, type... I drew a black cat because that was the character I was thinking of. He'd probably do CRAAAAAAAZY things like in the old cartoons that I'm watching today. And his name is Mel. TWO REASONS:
1. Mel Blanc, who voiced a lot of main Looney Tunes characters
2. MELCAT uh yeah I just like melcat's name for some reason. I don't think most people would get that reference, though.


you are dead meat HI I'M FLINT

I ran out of avatars noo

according to the earthbound zodiac, I'm bubble monkey

I should get into the writing mood sometime

I need to renew that book again because I haven't read it all the way through lawl

I'm going to make more tags now

I also should make a Mother 3 emotion thing unless SOMEONE ALREADY DID

Hello, and... goodbye!

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I present to you...


Brought to you by this post.

I think Livejournal might've resized it. :(

Well, anyway, I drew this on paper with a black marker, scanned it, and edited it in GIMP. Heavily. Only for 100 DP. Limited time only.

Brought to you by this guy's name.

I kind of rushed the coloring on that one, but it looks pretty okay. It is true that I forgot about the part of the jetpack that you hold onto, and that it's hardly even a jetpack. :o

I wrote Jetpack Justice twice because I wasn't sure if you could read the first one. Also I think I got his outfit wrong but I don't caaare

Also edited in GIMP, in case you were wondering.


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After almost a year of trying out new styles and techniques of drawing, I've finally become satisfied with a style. I may or may not use the chalky coloring, but it'll still be more or less the same.

I guess it kind of looks like a kid drawing when it's resized... but it's supposed to look like that. Except the outlining doesn't look as great now.

hooray? )

Maybe you don't care as much as me, but yeah.


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