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Too many for twitter, so I'll do it here! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN

1. My first name is Kyle and I've never been terribly comfortable typing out my full name on the internets. But my last name starts with a P.
2. I've never been very eloquent. I use a lot of the same words and speak sorta plainly.
3. Like how (Pokemon) Clay speaks purty.
4. I have a girlfriend named Devon who I personally think is the best girlfriend ever!!
5. When I only just became a forumer, I was absolutely overjoyed when I was quoted in a reply for the first time.
6. I had the BIGGEST smile plastered on my face. Someone acknowledged my existence and put my words in their post! I WAS VERY GIDDY
7. I was a very sad kid in middle school.
8. I also hate those years!
9. But let's move onto something nice. Um, I love peanut butter very much!
10. And I haven't tried Nutella yet. (Isn't that terrible?)
11. Favorite color is green.
12. My favorite video game series ever is probably Pokemon...
13. ... But I'm also a really avid Paper Mario fan.
14. All of the games are awesome, even SPM!
15. RPG and Strategy games are my favorite game genres.
16. So much so that I have a tendency to want to add RPG elements to things I make up a lot.
17. My friend and I have made up countless games using lego stuff (or LEGO, whaaatever), several types of cards, and even gamecube controllers.
18. When I was a little kid, one of my friends told me there were Pikmin in the grass, so I looked around there during recess.
19. SPOILER: I remember thinking I saw a blue one for a second!
20. In elementary school, my friend named James had a crush on a girl named Jessica. He was a Pokemon fan (I think she might've been, too, but idk) and said they were destined because they were Team Rocket.
21. When I was little, I was pretty proud of being able to run so fast down this one hill. I was the running-down-that-hill master!
22. Friend James used "cross chop" on my sides and I thought he destroyed my ability to run down the hill, because I felt like I was going slower from then on. I was so sad.
23. I had a Pikachu costume once!
24. I was under the impression I had chickenpox forever when I was even littler because I kept seeing home videos where I had chickenpox.
25. By which I mean it was the same video several times.
26. I once cracked my skull by tripping on a carpet and hitting a table in a doctor's office.
27. I had underdeveloped lungs at birth!
28. Sheesh, how long am I going to talk about my childhood?
29. Well, anyway, another game series I love to death is Civilization.
30. I'm pretty sure I stayed up until 5 AM playing Civ2 one time.
31. Okay, one more childhood story... I had some friends and we pretended to be hero buddies, except I was SECRETLY an evil enemy. I made a little booklet thing out of construction paper and regular paper where I wrote something like how we were awesome and stuff. But on the back, I wrote something like "Haha, they don't know that I'm actually EVIL! Those idiots!"
32. Annnd I added a "(Not really)" later a little bit below in case my friends read it and thought I actually meant they were idiots.
33. Okay, back to general things... I am very shy and introverted.
34. I barely talk about myself or my day with others, bad habit.
35. I always think I'm uninteresting.
36. You know how I said that first quoting on a forum made me really happy? I still feel really happy when someone mentions me without me being there, haha.
37. I would edit this in earlier, but then I'd have to change all the numbers. ;~; Devon and I have been together for over 2 years now! She makes me very happy.
38. She also messes with me a lot. My only defense is to make ridiculous statements about myself.
39. Which is why I'm Blaine/Layton/Bidoof, yo.
40. Somewhat related, I don't like talking much, especially over the internets. Bad experiences. Also I slur my words sometimes :'(
41. Devon thinks I love pikabutts.
42. My internet has been out for an hour now, hrrrgh.
43. I like staying up late and getting up early.
44. I got a 30 on the ACT, somehow.
45. I'm looking to be in college sometime soon. Definitely this year.
46. Hah, I didn't say this until now, but I'm 18! Born September 15th, 1992. I graduated High School last year.
47. I loved High School, to be honest!
48. I learned a lot of Japanese there, as well.
49. I've been down on myself a lot because I haven't learned further than what I learned in school... :(
50. I know my tastes must seem really dumb, but my favorite bands are CAKE, 10cc, Tally Hall, Franz Ferdinand, The Hush Sound, Queen, Daft Punk, blaaah blah blah
51. My favorite book ever is Watership Down!
52. I also like The Outsiders. My friend and I make jokes about it a lot, so that might have to do with it.
53. I loooove making up ideas, but I'm a bit lackluster in going through with them.
54. I laugh at a lot of stuff! But I'm not a fan of morbid humor, really.
55. I'm forever amazed at the amount of people that like me!
56. I'm kind of overly modest, but I can't help it.
57. I played trumpet for 6 years or so in school bands!
58. I wasn't ever very good at it, hahaha. I'm too quiet. But it was fun!
59. Oh, another game series I like a lot is Fire Emblem! And Advance Wars, for that matter.
60. Okami is an amazing game, as well. I don't have the money for Okamiden, though.
61. I have a habit where I feel like an outcast from new groups I join for a time longer than necessary, like... months
62. Sometimes I can have a bit of a lack of discipline.
63. I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up, and barely what I want to do in college.
64. I love living, through and through!
65. I just remembered like 9000 other games that I like. Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Dawn of War, Final Fantasy Tactics (but only played Advance and A2), Elite Beat Agents, Meteos, Sonic Adventures, Pikmins, some Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Grand Theft Auto... does Pokemon Mystery Dungeon count too? Those are great.
66. Smiles go for miles! Bromaldos before tomatoes!
67. I have made a lot of friends (ONLINE don't judge me) in recent years and it's awesome. A lot of them being JJHF and poketwitter people.
68. Jolty is a filthy commie. I also like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
69. I don't get the obsession with 69, but I guess I don't really care for sexual jokes anyway.
70. Sometimes I joke around and then feel bad, and then feel dumb when the person I joked with didn't mind!
71. I also used to have a really bad habit of hiding and wallowing in pity when I felt embarrassed.
72. Oh, Oblivion is a good game too. AAAAAAAAAA STOP FORGETTING
73. I'm so tired right now, man.
74. I only watched Mean Girls the first time last year. Back to the Future too, hahaha.
75. I think I started collecting fanart of stuff I like late 2009. It was cool.
76. I have a little over 800 pictures altogether, on that note!
77. Sometimes I idolize some friends without really saying anything!
78. I really don't like when someone kills a fun mood by taking something too seriously.
79. I watched the new My Little Pony before, and I have to admit I really liked it. GUILTY PLEASURE
80. I like the Pokemon movies too, relatedly.
81. I still cry at that certain part in the first movie where Ash turned to stone.
82. I avoided watching the Nostalgia Critic review that movie because I knew my heart would be torn ;~;
83. He's a pretty cool guy, though. Watch this whaaale
84. I am wondering if anyone will read all this! I hope they enjoy it a little bit, if so.
85. Oh god, I forgot to say I like Earthbound too!! I'M TALKING ABOUT GAMES TOO MUUUCH
86. [ profile] electrike, thanks for being a cool guy. I don't really care if you don't give gifts anymore, I sorta miss talking to you once in a while.
87. I think my average amount of sleep every day might be 6 hours.
89. Oh yeah. I'm PaperMarioFan on twitter, with the ptwitter accounts Lanturnabout, Rattington, and Glameow_. Plus whimsicalJugger as of last night!
90. I love me some hats!
91. SCARVES EVEN MOOORE I love scarves
92. I have a wooden practice sword, a wooden staff, some cheap-wood sword with duct tape, and a folded paper sword. They all hurt in varying degrees.
93. My spirit animal is apparently a sandpiper!
94. I've tried NaNoWriMo twice, won once. Hooray!
95. I'm thinking of trying my hand at Script Frenzy, too!
96. I've been told I 'get' things kind of easily sometimes.
97. That said, I'm just awful at FPS games.
98. I've been mistaken as a girl on the internet several times.
99. Funnily enough, I have a beard irl.
100. Right now I have two cats named Rocky and Mia, and I love them both.
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