Aug. 28th, 2010

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Oh no, I am updating my livejournal. THE END IS NIGH

I'm really tired today. 6 hours of sleep or so, just like old times! Maybe I'll take a nap later, I dunno.

Last night and this morning, I worked on this update for my LJ profile with PMD sprites for everyone. Woooo. I love the colors. ... I couldn't think of Pokemon for some people, sorry. And I added people that haven't actually added me yet, but I do know them! Honest. For sure.

I don't talk about Devon enough! We're doing wonderfully, and we still love each other tons. I can't wait to see her again, so I can hug her and stuff. And probably play F-Zero pretending to be Professor Layton and Luke again. TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. But yes, she's great, and we're gonna make a dating game sometime! It's gonna be really fun, I think! Alsooo, she has school again, but we're still able to talk everyday, so that's great. I don't like when school stresses her out, but she can take on the work because she's smart. tl;dr DEVON IS THE BEST GIRLFRIEND and I love her, even if she's convinced I love pikabutts.

Poketwitter is fun, but lately certain people are talking OOC too much and being derpy, which makes it not as fun. Maybe I'm just grumpy, but "ARE YOU DUMB OR JUST AMERICAN?" really annoys me. I'm not extremely patriotic, but I STILL AM OFFENDED by being grouped with dumb people that every country has.

OKAY ANYWAY I was invited to the IRC of Poketwitter a few weeks ago now, and I feel comfortable enough there as pudgy fish. [ profile] trikey is there and he always helps me if I'm feeling paranoid, and seeing some people greeting me that didn't before makes me happy. The only problem is no problems at all that I keep forgetting to come on. I really, really appreciate the hellos and goodbyes from everyone, though, so that makes me sad.

A while ago, me and [ profile] knuddeluff became BROMALDOS and it was really awesome. I want to play PMD Sky more because it's the best game on the DS for me. WOOOO

Right, well, さよăȘら I guess. ...What? I like the transliterator firefox add-on. I do really need to try lang-8 blogging, though, sometime. It'd be wonderful if I did. Please do that, self.


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